New Scene on Staxus: Birthday Surprise Gives Hot Lad An Abusive Session Of Sore Fun! HD


There’s no doubting that when it comes to kinky twink BDSM videos it can be hard to get everyone on board. This is one of those themes and styles of hardcore gay action that you either enjoy or don’t, or I guess something that some of you can be persuaded into given the right boys or the right action!

In this instance, we have gorgeous young stars Izan Loren and Angel Lopez sharing a horny session of kinky play to celebrate Angel’s birthday, using all kinds of interesting antics to increase the pleasure, provide a little pain, and ultimately have them both gushing out some cum for each other.

As a fan of toys in videos I have to show some love for the use of nipple gadgets. I have never used them myself but I have to admit I might be investing in something just to try it out and see where it leads. I know I have at least one fuck buddy who wouldn’t mind at all using those on me :)

If you haven’t seen this new video yet then I would definitely suggest taking a look and seeing what the fuss is about. Some of the members have been a little critical of it, but perhaps fans of light twink BDSM might appreciate it more?

Check out some pics and click through for the video, give it a go and see what you guys think.

Twink BDSM with a couple of hotties 1 Twink BDSM with a couple of hotties 2 Twink BDSM with a couple of hotties 3 Twink BDSM with a couple of hotties 4 Twink BDSM with a couple of hotties 5