New Scene on Staxus: Booted Farmhand Fuckers Enjoy A Kinked-Up Flip-Flop Nutting! HD


I have to admit that I was pretty shocked to hear the voice coming from new British boy Clyde Walton at the start of this new video! I guess we all know that plenty of the Staxus boys have their own little talents outside of sharing some horny action on the screen, but I think Clyde’s singing and his change from Brit boy to country music singer is pretty impressive.

It might be somewhat disjointed from the rest of the scene, but it’s a nice and unexpected opening to the fun nonetheless.

Soon, though, Ray Mannix is arriving and moving things on from singing to sharing cock, wasting no time and groping the sexy young British twink. It’s all the boy needs, he’s not reluctant at all when it comes to sharing his hard and long uncut cock with another boy!

Ray worships that dick like the pro we all know him to be, enjoying a little light frotting too before he turns his attention to that perfect little hole. Lapping and licking, and with a tool handle to help ease that pucker open, Ray is soon sliding balls-deep into the boy and giving him a bareback fucking right there in the barn.

You know Ray is just as eager to take a cock through, right? It should be no surprise that this blond stunner is soon swapping places with his new friend and offering his own golden tanned ass for the lad to slide into.

It goes without saying that a bareback twink flip fuck like this is going to end with some hot milky loads splashed out, and of course both the boys get a taste! :)

Click through for the full video, this is going to have plenty of you guys rubbing one out in appreciation.

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