New Scene On Staxus: Carrot-Loving Bud Gets His Arse Gaped By Stone’s Meaty Beaut! HD


What else can you say about the latest scene on other than fabulous?

I find it really hard being critical in regards to the latest release on our favourite hardcore site, so let’s create a checklist and see what the movie is like:

Model quality: Two very handsome models show us their beautiful bodies – and their beautifully erect cocks as well! Jaro Stone has always been one of the most beloved and favourite boys on the site (for good reason!), and Jake Stark is as handsome as a young man can be! Ripped bodies, twinkish smiles and a greedy arse in need of a good fuck – nothing to complain about here.

Cock size: Both boys are really well equipped! I don’t want to appear jealous, but I wish one of my former boyfriends would have been as big as Jaro or Jake down there ;) I know it’s not a matter of size, but we all appreciate those additional inches when we meet them, don’t we? ;) Jaro’s uncut cock belongs to the biggest in the biz and Jake’s so nice and wet you could suck on it all day (which is what Jaro certainly did!)

Bareback: Both boys share their cocks feverishly, sucking and fucking like there’s no tomorrow and all the action is bareback! Those cocks are too gorgeous to be wrapped into boring latex – and we all love to watch a long, mighty cock sliding in a tight, warm boy cunt, don’t we?

Filthy action: This porn flick is one of the more kinky ones with Jaro first shoving a carrot into Jake’s deliciously shaped butt, making it warm and moist, then biting off a bit and feeding it to Jake! That’s a rare sight and appreciated even more so!

Cumshots: You can see how much Jake enjoys the ride on Jaro’s impressive length, bouncing up and down like a young pup on heat! Personally, I admire him for being able to keep his cum inside his balls for such a long time, but even Jake can’t hold back from cumming forever, and shoots out a generous load onto his sexy body. Jaro’s cumshots never belonged to the most impressive ones (I just say “David Sky”, he’s a real cum gusher!), so Jaro’s fans will surely be pleased to see him feeding his cum to Jake even if it’s not that an enormous load. Maybe these two beauties trained for their scene together in the hotel room the night before …? ;)

So – don’t waste any more time with checking pros and cons! Just log into and enjoy a really good porn flick with two sexy and impressively hung boys, making a mess in every imaginable way ;)