New Scene on Staxus: Dream Ticket – Scene 5 – Remastered in HD


I ordered pizza last night, and I think it was probably some subliminal thing after posting about this new twink bareback video on the blog yesterday lol

No, the guy who turned up to deliver it looked nothing like young George Willis, unfortunately. Then again I can’t really complain, I look nothing like Luk Anders either – although I certainly do wish I looked like this Russian beauty!

You guys know the story here, for it’s long been a staple of the porn world as far back as I can remember. Along with the window cleaner, the plumber and even the mail man, the Pizza Delivery guy has been a long running character manifest in so many hardcore scenes in both gay and straight porn, but this incarnation of him might just be the horniest yet.

You can guess that when George delivers the goods young Luk discovers that he doesn’t have the money to pay for it, but he does have a hard and juicy uncut cock to give the guy… and of course, this is porn, and George is more than happy to take that length of salami in payment – see what I did there? lol

I do wonder though, what a young man such as he would say to the boss when cashing up at the end of the shift. Does he pay for the missing pizza himself or just tell the boss that the customer paid in cock instead? lol

And here I am being distracted by the practicalities, when I should be telling you that the cummy finish to this one after Luk has fucked George with his big raw cock is worth seeing. You’ll want to see this one, it’s a great bareback twink video from the classic era of Vlado Iresch, one to add to the faves list and watch more than once too :)