New Scene on Staxus: Dream Ticket – Scene 6 – Remastered in HD


So I kind of knew that all three of the stars in this remastered Staxus bareback threesome video would have plenty of you sitting up and paying attention yesterday when I shared some pics from the scene, but it looks as though you all exceeded my expectations and enjoyed this one more than even I thought you would! lol

There are some great comments on this one already, and it’s getting some good votes too. I happen to know that it’s been watched a hell of a lot of times already and I expect that you guys will be enjoying it immensely for days to come too.

There’s a lot to enjoy as Johny Hunter, Alex Stevens and Cameron Jackson share their long and throbbing uncut cocks in a mess of sucking and fucking, with Alex being the one getting the most from his two friends. It’s still hard for me to accept that he was apparently straight while enjoying all that cock and getting so much cum splashed all over him in his videos!

And speaking of cum, you should know that there’s five cum shots in this one, I know because I counted them lol

It’s a great bareback threesome video with a trio of real stars from the mid 00’s, well worth wanking out a load to :)

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the video, perhaps you’ll help the random visitor to get in there and enjoying the action.