New Scene on Staxus: Fantasy Fuck-Fest Sees This Horned Cutie Stretched & Creamed! HD


Were you one of the viewers who saw Abir Tevel in his debut scene and knew instantly that he was going to be a big hit with the fans? If so, congratulations for being right on the money. I kind of knew this boy was going to be getting a lot of fans, and I knew a lot of passing visitors here would be signing up to watch him, and apparently that’s exactly what’s been happening.

If you didn’t see him in that first video you need to go and check it out, but maybe do that after this one with him filling the tight ass of lucky Charlie Keller in the new scene for the Refugee series.

Charlie might be a prisoner, but the boy isn’t particularly scared of the handsome young soldier leading him to the cells. He’s one of those lads who thinks with his dick and while he probably should be a little worried for his safety all he can seem to think about is sucking the delicious dick of his fit young captor and riding the boy’s boner!

We’re transported into his head to enjoy the fantasy as it plays out, with Charlie worshiping that hard young uncut cock, getting him and Abir into an amazing 69 for a whole lot of mutual cock tasting and hole rimming, then easing his pucker down on that naked tool and sliding up and down on it.

It has to be said that Abir has an incredible cock. Honestly, it’s one of the sexiest dicks I think we’ve seen on any new boy in the last few weeks. That’s not an easy thing to say considering how many great new twinks we’ve enjoyed, but I think a lot of them would agree with this assertion too. In fact, I know a lot of them have been demanding the opportunity to experience it for themselves on set :)

The sight of Charlie riding that naked dick is awesome, especially the shots from behind as his hole gets stretched out around that shaft, but the thrusting he gets from Abir when he’s kneeling and getting it from behind is just as hot to watch.

When he’s finally on his back and wanking himself off with that dick sliding in and out Charlie pumps his cum from his cock and makes a sticky mess over himself, and it’s soon time for Abir to add his own milky cream as his nutt splashes out of his swollen tip right into his friend’s face and mouth!

Check out some of the pics and click through for the video, it’s really hot.