New Scene on Staxus: Feeling Blue? Arthur Kral Gets The Perfect Pick-Me-Up When He Fucks & Creams His Mate! HD


Whenever Arthur Kral is appearing in a video I know the fans are going to be appreciative. From the moment this boy arrived on the Staxus site he’s been gaining fans and admirers, and this new bareback fuck with young twink bottom boy Erik Franke is only going to continue to grow his fan base.

Erik is himself a gorgeous young twink boy who knows how to perform too. He’s one of those twinks who might look all sweet and innocent, but when you get him on set with another boy you discover quickly that he’s an incredibly horny young man who is more than just a little experienced!

You’ll see that for yourself in this pairing though, with both boys wasting little time before going to town on each other. The moment their dicks are out their lips are being wrapped around them and the two are feasting on each other hooded leaking members to get those lengths throbbing and glistening with a delicious mixture of spit and precum.

Mutual butt rimming has both ready to fuck, but it’s Arthur who takes control to slide his throbbing length between the smooth and snug cheeks of his sweet young partner. A little slow thrusting to ease that knob in and before you know it he’s banging away that tight pucker and giving his buddy the kind of fucking he loves!

We’ve had some great cummy endings on the site over the past few weeks, and you’ll get another with this video too as both the boys wank out their jizz in each others faces.

You’ll definitely be wishing you were there to add your own hot goo to the mess when you see them unloading those nuts!