New Scene on Staxus: Frat Boy Fuckfest Scene 1 – Remastered in HD


I hope you’re ready for something pretty damn horny in this new classic remastered twink fourgy video. I knew it was a good one and I knew it was going to get a lot of views this morning, but I think it’s done better than even I expected.

If you’re a fan of Alex Stevens (who in their right mind wouldn’t be?) then you could assume that he would play a major role in this one. Surprisingly, it’s actually Steven Hill who takes center stage as Alex, Fanny Duke and John Paul basically zone in on the boy’s pucker and proceed to finger his ass until he’s spewing cum from his cock, hands-free!

It’s pretty rare to see a cock splashing cum just from some prostate massaging, at least in gay porn, so that instantly makes this one a video worth watching. The fun doesn’t stop there though, even though the lads prostate has been probed and poked to the point of involuntary ejaculation his ass is about to take more as Alex and John sink their cocks into his massaged anal opening for some pleasure of their own.

Fanny doesn’t stay out of the party though, his mouth is eagerly working whichever cock he can find, sucking on all his friends delicious meat while he wanks himself off and gets some oral pleasuring of his own in return.

Needless to say, this all has to end with some copious cum shots splashing out, and you can probably guess that Steven Hill’s ass takes the brunt of that milky mess too :)

Enjoy these pics and make sure you get in there for the full video, this is definitely one of those classics that will have plenty of you guys rubbing one out, probably more than once. Why not try for that hands-free cum load like our bottom boy does?

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