New Scene on Staxus: Gym Buddies Work Out On A Sweaty & Spunky Flip-Flop Fuck! (Pump This! Scene #1) HD


You might have noticed that I wasn’t around yesterday. I actually got stuck out of town for the night and had to sleep on a friends couch after the car broke down. But I’m back! Just in time to go away again for a week lol

Yes, I’ll be away from the blog for a few days while I rock out in a field with a few thousand other festival fans, but I have some posts to schedule for you guys, I have deets for all the great releases we’re going to be seeing on the site over the coming week.

I know a lot of you guys were looking forward to seeing Alex Silvers getting that hard twink bareback cock from Pyotr Tomek in this new gym themed scene, but there’s a lot more than just that in this flip flop scene!

Yes, after Alex gets his own pucker creamed by that handsome and fit young man the boys switch roles and Pyotr takes a ride on his friends naked dick too!

I really don’t know how these boys don’t manage to get an audience of guys jerking off around them while they fuck in the gym like that (or maybe they did!?) but I would be there offering my own cock and cum load to the boys if I saw this playing out in front of me :)

I’m loving all this bareback twink cock with the gym theme, and there’s more to come too! Stick around for that.