New Scene On Staxus: Horned-Up Strikers Shower Themselves Off With A Load Of Cum! HD


Hands up who’s ever jumped through a water-sprinkler in Summer!

I think almost everyone with a garden has done that at some point in his life, enjoying the cool freshness on a hot Summer’s day in the process.

Bjorn Nykvist and Liam Stone are no different; and after having trained a bit for their sporty careers, they need to cool down before getting down & dirty on each other ;)

That’s our chance to watch these young boys and their flawless, perfect twink bodies; how their nice, wet muscles glisten in the hot sun, and how their flaccid cocks and firm balls look like – before they get used in a very intense, satisfying way!

Please feel free to comment about this; but I think the best part of their scene together takes place in the showers, when the water runs down their skinny bodies and both boys greedily suck on each other’s boners. I’m usually more the anal-loving guy, but watching Liam getting sucked is just overwhelming; topped only by the sight of both boys 69-ing on the shower floor.

A good, hard twink arse banging follows that will make you wish you were right there in the shower with both these cuties – and the subsequent facials reveal how much cum they had saved for this special scene in their tight boy-balls!

It’s great to see Bjorn back again – and I keep my fingers crossed that we’ll get more of Liam very, very soon!