New Scene On Staxus: Joel Tamir and Beno Eker fuck cake – and each other’s greedy boy holes!


Joel Tamir has been an unbelievable hit with our fans right from the very first moment he appeared on – in a terrific duo with Lior Hod – and we’ve got more than a little bit of a suspicion that today’s release, featuring him and tattooed beauty, Beno Eker, will simply underline the lad’s reputation as a top-drawer asset to STAXUS.

Of course, you’d have to be a blind man not to realise what the fellow’s biggest asset is – the boy has a cock that could literally have another guy’s eye out if no-one’s being careful. But it’s his ability to serve as the consummate bottom that really sets this lad out from the crowd. A skill that he shows off to the full in today’s spunk-inducing escapade.

With the added bonus of a bit of kinky food-play, this is all set to be one of those scenes that you won’t be forgetting in any great hurry.

Go to now, get your cock out – and fucking enjoy!