New Scene on Staxus: Nick Vargas Hunts Down His Guy – Then Fucks & Creams Him! (At Ease Scene #2) HD


What a way to start the week!

I know most people dread the first day of the working week (I’m right there with you on that!) but this new arrival on the Staxus site should make you a little happier. No, scratch that, this should make you a LOT happier! It’s a new video with brand new boy Calvin Rose being welcomed to the world of hardcore gay porn in an excellent bareback military video alongside Nick Vargas, and I don’t think many of us could come up with a better welcome for him.

Aside from the uniforms and the sexiness of the scenario, the action between these guys should have everyone sitting up and taking notice – and wanking too of course.

Nick is chasing down his quarry in the fields, but after catching up with Calvin and getting a surprising kiss on the lips from the young man he does the unthinkable and shoots at him!

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m thinking it too. Why the hell would he shoot at him, just to catch up with him to fuck his ass? lol

With the boy at the end of his gun Nick seems to decide that the kiss means he’s in luck, and Calvin seems willing to completely ignore the fact that he just tried to kill him and instead gives up his tight hole and hungry mouth for the guys tanned uncut cock to slide into.

I think it’s fitting that Calvin be the totally submissive bottom for this handsome uniformed stud, and both guys play their roles well. Nick looks especially hot in his uniform, making him a perfect choice for this bareback military theme.

Check it out if you haven’t already, and enjoy some pics before clicking through :)