New Scene on Staxus: Skater Boys Take An Impromptu Swim & A Ride On Raw Dick! (Skate Off Scene #4) HD


So it turns out that this new hardcore twink bareback video with Kris Blent and Ray Mannix might just be the most popular and appreciated hardcore scene of the last couple of months, then again are we really so surprised?

Individually these boys are popular and stunning examples of what the Staxus studio can deliver, but together they make an immense pairing.

It seems Kris comes from a wealthy family, one that can afford a private swimming pool. Now, given the choice between enjoying a dip or going out skating I think they made the right choice. Of course there’s ulterior motives for this, and I think we can imagine that both of these boys would be eager to see the other with as few clothes as possible .

Needless to say it’s not long at all before long hard uncut cocks are being swapped as they service each other, which should be enough to have you all salivating while stroking along to the show.

You already know that it’s Kris getting that naked length up his hole first for this one, and he takes in some incredibly horny positions too, hard and throbbing as he enjoys the feel of that long dick deep in his chute.

Then it’s time to swap as Ray gets his own tight pucker opened up for him with his friend giving just as much passionate pounding to his eager little opening.

Can you predict how this is all going to end? Yes, of course, with a lot of twink cum spewing out and splashing over both of them :)

As I said, this might just about be the horniest bareback twink video of the last couple of months, check out some more pics and click through for the video.

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