On Set With Mark: How twinks inspire twinks!


You surely remember that hot scene with super stars Angel Lopez and Lucas Drake from June 2017. If you don’t, I highly recommend you watch it (again), because it’s not just one of the best pairings we’ve ever seen on Staxus, but also one of the most extraordinary twink porn scenes I’ve ever seen!

Why? Because filthy twink boy Lucas shoves a mobile phone up his lover’s butt!!

Being a fan of Staxus for quite a while, new boy Joel whose scene with Lior Hod was released this week – obviously knew all about these kind of things and tricked Lior!

You have to know that Lior is a nice guy, but he is addicted to his mobile phone and is always checking it – even during shoots – texting and calling friends, and constantly taking selfies. According to Mark, our man on the Staxus set, Joel was getting a bit annoyed, so while Lior was away at the toilet he slipped his phone into a condom and shoved it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Joel must have planned this, because you wouldn’t find a condom on a STAXUS set these days!

Anyway, when Lior came back he was frantically trying to find his phone, thinking he had lost it! In the end he asked John Smith to call it to find out where he had left it – and imagine his surprise when Joel’s butt started ringing! He went crazy and was chasing Joel all around the room saying he was going to shove his hand up there and answer the bloody thing; which of course got Joel squeeling with delight because (as you will see in the soon-to-be-released upcoming scene) Joel is quite partial to a bit of anal hand exploration! I will just say one thing: TWINK FISTING!!

Don’t worry, in the end the phone was retrieved, and apart from some somewhat gynaecological accidental selfie pics all ended happily – and Lior got his revenge when his hard-pumping dick tore up where his phone had been just a short time before! Take a look at how hard Lior fucks bad boy Joel and how much he likes it: