On Set With Mark: Why Jarde’s scrambled eggs made everyone laugh!


You just can’t leave these young pups for a second alone! No matter what age, all they have in mind is to fuck and make nonsense!

Mark, one of the camera men on the STAXUS set, can tell you some of those stories! Haha Well, to be precise, he told us bloggers one of those stories – and we gladly share it with you!

In a not too distant future, you will get to see a backstage video with Dimitri preparing something to eat for his companions. He cracks eggs, wears no top, no jeans, just some short, tight blue pants…

I just notice I stray far from the topic of this blog post … haha

Back to Mark’s revelations: What Mark actually told us is that there was a saboteur on set of „Forbidden Fruits“!! One of the models tricked all the others and replaced sugar with salt! Yes, not really innovative, but very effective!

So, what does our hobby chef Dimitri do? He cracks the eggs, adds some salt (well, a white substance he thought it would be salt) and gives it to Jarde who already roasted some ham in the pan. Some minutes later, Jarde tastes the deliciously looking scrambled eggs – and makes such an odd and funny face that made everyone on set roaring!

Noone knows if it was Dimitri, Jake or Abir who played the childish, yet lovely trick, but one of them surely was the guilty one! Oh, bad boys, you really deserve a good spanking!

Anyway, this situation proves once more what dirty little rascals can be in those handsome young lads – and you can take it word-for-word on a gay porn set!

PS: Jarde ate those eggs nevertheless. He said he has to eat a lot of protein to keep in shape, no matter how it tastes… Yeah, you have to suffer to be beautiful ;)