Picture Puzzle’s Winner Announced!


The competition is over – and I say a big “thanks” to all participants!

Before I solve the picture puzzle let´s have a look at some of your proposals: For example Ray Mannix – the drop-dead gorgeous young man with a cock to dream of… Yes, could be… but I would say Ray´s ass usually is completely shaved and hairless…

Ray Mannix

Another model you named was all time favourite Noah Matous. Speaking of pure cock size it could be him… but have a closer look to his balls: Noah´s balls usually are very close to his cock, they are not hanging low – and they are like big big marbles, circular and tightly filled.

Noah Matous

To make things short: “Chads” was the first reader of this blog who named Chad Johnstone – and it WAS Chad who I was looking for!

Congratulations, “Chads”, you have won a free Staxus DVD. You may choose any Staxus DVD at Homoactive.com – just write an Email to [email protected] with your desired DVD and your address where it shall be shipped to – and the DVD is yours!

Thank you very much guys for your interest – and only two things are missing:

Firstly, please let me know if I shall repeat such picture puzzles and competitions on a regular basis and

secondly – the photographic proof that it IS Chad Johnstone fucking Mike Branco!

Camp Fuckers Sz 1 Mike Branco & Chad Johnstone 1 Camp Fuckers Sz 1 Mike Branco & Chad Johnstone 3