Ready to see Titus Snow getting topped by Luke Volta?


Yes, you guys know that I have a thing for the fit boys, in fact I love a horny muscled lad almost as much as I love all the slim twink boys. Luke Volta grabbed my interest the second I saw a pic with him in it. If you haven’t seen the video of him sharing a threesome with Chad Johnstone and Jacob Waterhouse yet then go and check it out.

He’s coming back to help start off the new series of Cum Harvest, and from what I’ve just seen you guys are gonna enjoy it too. The Titus Snow fans are definitely going to enjoy this one (I think everyone here loves Titus, right?)

He’s a pro when it comes to sucking a delicious dick and getting some raw inches in his hole, and he definitely seems to appreciate being dominated by handsome muscled boy Luke.

This video is coming up in a couple of days so you don’t have long to wait at all. I would recommend getting into the site and enjoying the other videos with Titus to prepare for this one, and check out that threesome with new lad Luke too :)

Enjoy the one teasing pic I’m giving you today, but check back soon for more exclusive shots of what you can expect in this one!