Ryan Olsen and me in scene from John Smith’s Dungeon Dreams


Hi guys,

I hope everybody have very good week! I was busy with school, but I also enjoy World Cup football a lot
too! I finish watching Colombia vs Japan match while try to write my

but I happy for Colombia they just score another goal to make 4:1! Is
good see Latin American people dance, smile and be happy! Greece also
make next round! Wow, bad luck Ivory Coast. But anyway, I can give good news for you if you sad your country
out of World Cup, and maybe you forget football nightmare: my scene
with Ryan Olsen is on Staxus now! It is from John Smith movie Dungeon

Before was not possible
for me, because school keep me busy, sorry, but soon I make new scenes with John Smith!

[link url=”http://join.staxus.com/track/MTAwMjI5LjEwMDIyLjUzLjE0NS4wLjAuMC4wLjA” title=”Check out my scene with Ryan Olsen on Staxus” target=”_blank” /] or you
can [link url=”http://dvdsales.homoactivecash.com/track/MTAwMjI5LjE4LjE2LjE2LjAuMC4wLjAuMA” title=”get the Dungeon Dreams DVD” target=”_blank” /] and watch also lot of
times, alone or with friends and make sexy party!

I hope you like!


P.S. Here are some photos from our scene.