Say hello to gorgeous new Peruvian boy Angel Lopez!


If you follow the gorgeous and adorable Ray Mannix on Twitter (@raymannix) then you might have seen some pics from his recent travels and scenes being shot. In August the gorgeous boy shared a pic with him wearing a lovely piece of headgear and mentioning that he was shooting for us in a new video, check out the pic:

Ray Mannix Twitter

Doesn’t he look damn adorable!?

Well, I can reveal that the scene he was shooting Raw Rodeo with a brand new boy, and you guys are absolutely going to fall head over heels in lust with Angel Lopez.

I have some pics of the stunning young man coming up, but first I need to tell you a little more about the new star.

Obviously you can see that he’s incredibly handsome, and I mean male-model standard. Then again, I think plenty of our boys could be male models outside of their work for us here, but this boy especially so.

He’s totally fit too, he likes to work out now and then but doesn’t let it control him. He might go to the gym with a buddy once or twice a week, but if there’s something more fun to do (and I assume there always is with a boy like this!) then he won’t miss out on enjoying himself.

He’s a Peruvian boy too, and I think we all know there is something every hot about those lads, I mean outside of them being generally gorgeous. I don’t think he’s the first Peruvian performer we’ve had at Staxus, but if you can remember who that might have been then let me know in the comments.

Obviously there’s a lot to love about this new arrival. Aside from being handsome and fit he also has a gorgeous ass that any one of you would love to fuck, and of course an uncut cock that’s pretty generous, and one that he knows how to use.

According to my sources he showed off a very special skill on set too. The horses they had as “extras” for the shoot were getting a little irritated and stressed with all these strangers in their filed but Angel Lopez had a little word in their ear, whispering to them in Spanish, and they suddenly calmed down and were happy to be there!

I don’t know if this is something the boy does in his normal everyday life, but perhaps he’s going to be starting a new secondary career as a horse whisperer! lol

I have to admit that I really am looking forward to seeing this boy arrive. I think he’s going to do very well with us here at Staxus and I expect you all to show him plenty of love :)

Enjoy some pics and keep checking the blog for more updates and news on this scene and everything else.

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