Scared Stiff – Colby Keller & Ryan Rose & Tom Faulk & Jack Hunter & Wesley Woods & Seth Santoro


Back at the cabin everything comes to a head when Jake (Ryan Rose), Tommy (Wesley Woods), Skip (Seth Santoro), Lance (Tom Faulk) and Billy (Jack Hunter) decide its time to bolt from the creepy camp. Suddenly the door bursts open and there he is – the Masked Man that has been terrorizing Camp Cum-a-lot and all hell breaks loose! What do they do? Do they scream? Do run? Do they fight back? No. THEY FUCK! The masked man has come to fuck – with his big fat dick. All five guys take turns worshiping his huge meat and end up in a naked pile of sweaty hot flesh. They all jerk their dicks and take turns sucking cock as Jake power-fucks both Skip and Billy with his massive tool. In a lust-driven frenzy the intruder rips off his mask and reveals his true identity – it’s RANGER STEVE (Colby Keller)! Now freed from his mask, the butt-hungry park ranger eats every ass in the room in a nut busting rim chain. Billy’s twitching hole can’t resist Ranger Steve’s huge bone. He jumps on top of the rugged hunk and fucks the cum right out of him. This all-star orgy makes sure every hole is filled, every load is shot and finally the mystery is solved – THIS is why they call it camp Cum-a-lot!