So, can we talk about handsome Nick Gill and how hot he is now?


Yes, I missed out on the fact that Nick Gill is not, after all, a new guy around these parts. His new scene with Ray Mannix completely threw me off, I had no clue that he was the same cute young Nick we had on the site back in 2012.

Needless to say after seeing him enjoying the hot young ass of gorgeous bottom Ray I went looking for the videos he appeared in years ago, and I was pretty impressed by what I found too.

You’ll need to search on his full name in the site rather than click his profile, because there are a lot of scenes he appeared in that haven’t been assigned to his bio page yet. When you get there and you check out the results I think you’ll be impressed by both the action he appeared in with some of the boys back then and the way he’s improved physically.

I know a lot of you guys love your skinny twinks, but I definitely think he looks hotter now with a tiny bit more definition on his gorgeous body.

His fucking skills are just as good as ever though, so if you haven’t checked out some of those old scenes and enjoyed the new one with Ray then I suggest you go and take a look.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think of the new Nick Gill, isn’t he lovely? Don’t we all want more?