So you want another generous helping of Tony X?


One of the things I really love about Staxus is that we’re always seeing new boys arriving. There’s a lot more to love too of course, but the fact that we so often get to see another horny young chap sharing his cock and ass with other guys is something pretty damn special. There are a lot of sites out there that stick to the same boys all the time and very rarely have anyone new arrive.

One of the hottest new arrivals of the last month or so is handsome and hung Tony X. We’ve seen him giving his cock to lucky young Ray Mannix in his debut (if you haven’t seen that then you need to click through and take a look!) and I knew then that you guys would want more of this guy.

Thankfully we already have word of another great scene coming up, and this time it’s sweet and tight little Jacob Waterhouse getting his hole filled in by the ample inches of the new lad!

I’m only giving you one sneaky pic of the pair for now, but you should stick around on the blog to see more from this one in a couple of days. Make sure you’ve stocked up on lube, this is going to have you spunking out plenty of loads when it arrives on the site :)