Staxus Gossip: Oscar Ricci could not wait to get on video!


I don’t know if you guys know this, but it can sometimes take months to get a new boy on video for the first time after he’s done all the paperwork. Some boys start having second thoughts about wanting to be in gay porn, some guys have a change of circumstances and need to back out, others take a little chasing to get them booked in for a shoot. I know that sounds a little boring and bland, but stay with me…

Oscar Ricci was apparently the complete opposite. This boy was so eager to become a gay porn star that he was chasing the guys at Staxus the day after he’d done his paperwork, looking to appear in a video straight away. He even had a list of the guys he wanted to get fucked by and suck off!

The list was apparently quite long, and included some performers who are no longer appearing in videos (for Staxus or anyone else), but rest assured there are still a lot of guys he really wants to appear with, and plenty of things he wants to do on video too.

He about to arrive on the site in his debut scene, sucking off a horny military boy and taking his bareback dick up his snug little chute too, but can you guess which boy it is?

And yes, this boy was on Oscar’s list too :)

There’ll be more about this lad once his first video is up on the site, so stick around if you want to find out more about him. If you know who he’s sucking in this pic leave a comment with your performer of choice and we’ll see who gets it right!