Staxus Gossip: Who is Ray Mannix about to suck?


So we’ve just seen the talented bareback bottom Ray Mannix getting the thick uncut jock cock of gorgeous Greek God (although he’s not at all Greek) Dick Casey in his tight little hole, and now I have something else to tease you with in this new Staxus Gossip post where the boy takes another impressive boner up his butt!

I was looking through all the great things we’re going to be seeing over the next few weeks and I had to take the opportunity to tease you all just a little with this sneaky peek at something coming very soon to the site.

As you can see, Ray has a very juicy looking long uncut cock on the tip of his tongue, but can you guys identify the owner of that throbbing length?

Some of you might be able to identify the owner of that boner straight away, but for those who need a little more help I’ve added some clues to this post to help you identify the boy about to own that bareback bottom.

Don’t worry though if you can’t figure it out, the world won’t end, empires won’t fall.

Aside from teasing you with this pic, I have to also say that after watching the trailer the chance of this video disappointing any of you are basically nero.