Staxus Member News – Return Of The Forum!


It took a little while, but the Staxus Forum has returned! You may have noticed it arrived in the top menu on the site last week, but I thought it was a good time to remind those of you who don’t know exactly what the Staxus Forum is all about…

Many of you were members there previously, and you know that it was taken down when the site was updated. It was a great community of plenty of the most dedicated fans of the boys and the site, and we always knew it was going to return – it just took a little longer than planned.

The Forum is the place for you all to talk and share your opinions, talk about the models you love the most, the new scenes, what you would like to watch in the future and all kinds of extra things you can’t find anywhere else. Models, directors and the Staxus crew regularly get in there to share some gossip, talk to fans and find out what the fans want to see from them in the future too, it’s not just a place to chat, it’s also a place to tell those who make the videos you love what you want to see.

We’ve always had a lot of great discussions on there, and I’m so glad to see it back. I’ll be logging in to check out what’s new and see what’s been going on over the last few days, and I hope you guys will join me.

Remember too guys, this is for non-members as much as it’s for members, although we think once you get in there and start talking to the models and other fans you’ll probably be a member within hours too ;)

Come and say hi!