Staxus Model Day Tuesdays: Milan Sharp


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We’re starting something new on the blog today – Model Day Tuesdays!

Every week we’re going to have another featured model, with posts and special content all about them. And we’re kicking it all off with one of the most popular Staxus exclusives right now… the deliciously sexy young Milan Sharp.

This boy has been getting a lot of attention recently, appearing in a few videos on the Staxus site and properly entertaining all the fans. He’s one of the recent boys we had arrive at the end of last year, and he’s proven to be one of the most popular.

So I guess you want to know a little more about him? Well I was given quite a lot of info about Milan Sharp just today, so here goes…

Milan Sharp is a Czech boy born in 1991 (I know, that makes some of you feel a little old, right? Me too lol)

He currently lives with another boy some of you might be a little familiar with – Luky Taylor. He used to be one of our models about 5 years ago, another really popular boy. That probably has a lot of you contemplating what a night at their place must be like!

This poker playing twink (yes, you heard me, he plays poker semi-pro!) has some special things that really get him off. He’s really into gay interracial sex and has quite the collection of hardcore DVD’s at home featuring hung black men. He loves big black dicks, and he actually has a fantasy of being gang fucked by a big group of hung dark dudes. That is something I would definitely be interested in seeing!

Although that might sound like a little too much for a twink like him, his ass can take it, because he also gets off on gay double penetration. He might be a versatile boy able to fuck other guys and take it in the butt too, but he loves to feeling of two cocks in his ass at the same time.

I’ve spoken to a few guys who have worked with Milan Sharp already, and opinion seems to be unanimous; he’s sweet as hell, so easy to work with, and so fucking horny all the time you can guarantee a good session.

We have another couple of posts coming up after this, and I really want your opinions on what you think his bets scenes have been with him topping and bottoming. There’s a few to choose from, and there’ll be pics to help you along too. So check back soon and let me know what you think, and in the meantime enjoy the video above and these hot pics of Milan Sharp! ;)

Milan Sharp at Staxus

Milan Sharp at Staxus

Milan Sharp at Staxus

Milan Sharp at Staxus

Milan Sharp at Staxus