Staxus Photo Session: Luke Desmond


The arrival of the first scene from Skyball is fast approaching, and I thought it might be time to share a couple of sexy pics of one of the stars of that immense action – the delicious British hung boy Luke Desmond!

I have to confess that I have a thing for this lad. I never really thought I was a size queen, but the sight of that dick of his always gets my cock throbbing and my butt aching to take it lol

Luke Desmond’s junk is some of the most delicious, and given that he’s so popular when it comes to the British boys it goes without saying that he’d find his way into one of the hottest videos. He plays the role so well too, and he really looks so good in that suit. Of course, he looks even better out of that suit! ;)

Check out these pics of Luke Desmond posing in his role for the video, with his long and floppy uncut cock hanging out and ready to be stroked and sucked, and possibly slide into a hot hole too. Yeah, you know what’s coming if you’ve seen some of the pics from the Skyball set in recent posts.

I haven’t seen anything more than you guys have, but I am really looking forward to the arrival of that first scene on the site ;)

Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (1)

Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (2)

Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (3)

Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (4)