Stéphane Haffner – Model, Gymnast, Angel …


Whilst we’re awaiting the release of the next fantastic scene on tomorrow, we thought we’d take a break from our usual routine to bring you something a little bit different. Something that we think you’re really gonna like.

Stéphane Haffner is a French-Italian model and gymnast, who performs with Emiliano Simeoni in a performance duo named “Angels”. To be honest, we think you’d like both these boys whether or not they were performing in stud-embossed leather, but the fact that they are certainly adds a distinct “je ne sais quoi” to proceedings. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that they are both fucking mesmerising!

Arguably Stéphane’s greatest moment on TV, however, came when he publically proposed to his boyfriend, Kyle Kier, on an edition of “Italia’s Got Talent” – one of those unforgettable TV moments that literally goes beyond the limitations of language. In terms of a feel-good moment, this is definitely one that’s hard to beat!

Isn’t his boyfriend cute?!

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[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”32285″]