Take a look behind the scenes of “Refugee”


I know a lot of people (including me!) can’t get enough of backstage movies, behind the scenes material and footage of those ordinary things that happen on a gay porn set – like preparing tea, smoking, chatting, laughing and (of course) fucking …

Many people think that creating porn is easy: simply put two dicks in a room, let the cameras roll, and then after 20 minutes you have everything finished and ready to be published.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Creating porn is not done in minutes and takes a lot of work, a great deal of involvement of all the people involved and a genuine love for the work. I think you can tell good, well-made porn which was created with care and attention, from a poorly-made porn which was created in a rush.

STAXUS is dedicated to high quality porn – and how such porn is made can be seen in April when the next backstage clip goes online on Staxus.com.

But April… seriously! That’s such a long time away, I can hear you say! And you are right – which is why I want to give you a sneaky little preview of the happenings in that movie, including Ron Negba making tea and getting his wonderful hair styled, a smoking Lior Hod – and Ron Negba (again!) mouthing off at each and every opportunity! :D

Now I’m beginning to realise why the boys always make sure there’s a cock in Ron’s sweet mouth :D haha

Check out the trailer – and look forward to the complete backstage movie in April!

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