The Erotic Art of Sector 71


I have no idea who Sector 71 is, but I know I like his art. I’m assuming Sector 71 is male, but with no bio on his Tumblr (which unfortunately has been deleted now), and no help from Google, I can’t tell you a thing about him except that he’s talented.

I stumbled on Sector 71 while looking for things to post here in my little corner of Staxus’ blog. I’m new, by the way, my name is Oliver (more about me later) and I want to bring you a slice of gay life from around the globe. And if you have suggestions, feel free to drop me a line or comment down below.

I wasn’t really into comic books as a kid, but I discovered them four years ago when I needed a distraction from something big that was happening in my life. I meandered through the worlds of Marvel and DC, and eventually found that there’s a big world of talented gay men creating sexy stuff under the classification of erotic gay art. Sector 71 is my latest discovery.

I like his bold style. I know nothing about art, I don’t even know how to talk about it. But I don’t need a university degree to know that a drawing sparks something inside of me or provokes me to think. Sector 71’s image of the Star Wars storm troopers holding hands caught my eye. What’s it trying to say? I don’t know. But it’s fun to see what pops into my head like maybe if Darth Vader can get over it, shouldn’t the rest of the world?

I love how an image can send a message without hitting us over the head with a bunch of words and how the message can be as varied as the people looking at said image. There’s no right or wrong here.

Sector 71 has lots of sexy nude guys and some engaged in sex, but there are plenty of other themes like sports, pop culture, and urban. Nothing new had been added to this Tumblr for eight months, then suddenly last week, four new pieces popped up. So here’s hoping that Sector 71 is on a new jag of letting us enjoy his erotic art.