The Staxus member forum is back!


Members who have been with us for a while will probably remember the Staxus Forum. The message board used to be a place where members could talk to other members, the producers and the Staxus team. The forum was closed after abuse of the forum by non-members. 

Since a lot of members have expressed their wish to have the forum back, we have decided to resurrect the forum.

While the forum is accessible to everyone, you need to be an active Staxus member to be able to post to the forum. This is why when registering for the forum you have to make sure you use the same email address as the one associated with your Staxus account. If you already had a Staxus Forum account, you can still use your old username but you will have to recover your password.

We have changed the design of the forum to match the new Staxus site layout. We hope to welcome you back at the Staxus Forum!