Things are about to get a lot kinkier!


I’m not sure if it’s director Timmy Treasure leading us down this horny twink kink path or whether perhaps handsome and horny young Izan Loren might be the little master behind all these new toys and gadgets arriving on set, but whoever is responsible I know for a fact that a lot of the members are going to be enjoying the other scenes in the Kinky Housemates series.

I’m giving you a little sneaky peek at what’s coming up soon with this teasing post, with handsome Izan giving some kinky ball attention to an unknown model (actually, I know who it is, but I wonder if you can figure it out just from the sight of his cock and balls? lol)

Having seen a little more from this coming video I can tell you that the balls play a significant role in the action. His scene partner isn’t the only one to be taking some kinky ball play, Izan shows off his own kinky fun in this one too, putting his own nuts in a bit of a difficult situation.

I’m not gonna give too much away, I know you guys don’t like spoilers. Rest assured that if you’ve been missing the twink kink action for a little while you’re going to enjoy this coming video.

And well done to Timmy Treasure for delivering something fresh and new! After seeing his directorial debut in scene one of this series I have to say I was impressed by the slightly raw style of filming and the gritty theme to it all!