Upcoming Scene: Band Of Brothers


You know we always like to share something that’s on the way, especially when we know it’s gonna get a lot of our fans here on the Staxus blog all hot under the collar. You also probably know that we really love shooting the gay military porn scenes too – I don’t know what it is about those uniforms and the thought of army boys sucking and fucking, but it’s just so intense!

Well, coming this Sunday on the Staxus site, we have a brand new gay military porn scene starring Rudy Valentino and Kevin Ateah!

I’m adding some pics here to get you all really excited about it, but to be honest I think all I really need to do is mention those guys names in connection to a gay military porn shoot and you’ll all have a horny scene running through your head lol

There is no denying it, these boys are suited to the army scenes. Both these guys wear all that gear so well, and you can totally imagine them being horny soldiers sharing their cocks with each other when their superiors are not looking ;)

Rudy Valentino is once again delivering an amazing fuck in this video as he slides his cock into Kevin Ateah. Having seen the video already, I can definitely tell you guys that you are really gonna enjoy this one. Stay tuned for Sunday!

Rudy Valentino fucks Kevin Ateah (1)

Rudy Valentino fucks Kevin Ateah (2)

Rudy Valentino fucks Kevin Ateah (3)

Rudy Valentino fucks Kevin Ateah (4)