Upcoming Scene: Two teachers abuse and double fuck a submissive smooth schoolboy


This is really going to tease a lot of you. This is the latest scene arriving on Staxus, and some of the guys are already in countdown mode as they wish away the hours to tomorrow morning when the video is finally released on the site. The gallery is already on the site, getting plenty of the members wanking along in anticipation of the hardcore action.

Filming this was hot enough, so I know a lot of you guys are gonna be enjoying it and adding it to your favorites lists. Let me tell you a little about this one while you’re waiting…

Although he’s reluctant, David Bruckman has to be one of the luckiest young twinks on the planet, about to be double-teamed by dominant muscled hunks Zack Hood and Martin Love!

This submissive schoolboy doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for walking around with his tight little ass wiggling. Guys like Zack Hood and Martin Love can’t resist a sight like that and when they get their chance they’re cornering the boy and asking him to taste their drooling uncut cocks!

There’s only one way to make a boy like him really understand what being a real man is like, and that’s to both fuck his ass at the same time, raw and deep, stretching his tight little virgin hole and making him squeal!

But from the sight of his own solid uncut dick bouncing around as he takes both of those thick tools he doesn’t seem to mind the pain of being broken in. He thought the taste of dick was a surprising turn on, but when he feels those powerful leaking tools invading his butt he goes into overdrive and can’t get enough!

Both men totally use their submissive schoolboy before decorating his face with ropes of jizz, and then leaving him to clean up the mess too ;)

Submissive Schoolboy Double Fucked (1)

Submissive Schoolboy Double Fucked (2)

Submissive Schoolboy Double Fucked (3)

Submissive Schoolboy Double Fucked (4)

Submissive Schoolboy Double Fucked (5)