We’re coming back very soon!!


Hi fans and readers!

We’re coming back very soon, on February 1st we’ll be back to our usual selves, with all of our Staxus and My Dirtiest Fantasy updates that we all love to see.

In the upcoming days we’ll be working on this site, we’ll be changing up the look and feel of the site and  we’re moving all our content and site to www.homoactive.blog which is a more generic name for our site, as we’ll be talking about all our studios and DVD stores, but do not fear! We’re still Kris and Andi, your usual blog writers here,

As we’re sure you’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed you, here’s a little preview of what is coming your way on our clubsites.

This month our Staxus boys are on more fire than ever!

The cast of www.staxus.com is bigger now with the new incorporations such as Dieter Haas and Rajeev Kapur. You can see them both having a dirty time in Cocksure, Sc. 2 very soon.

And if you want to watch horny boys with big dicks you can now watch Joel Tamir and Andy Watson in Masterstroke, Sc. 4 on the Staxus site having the most exciting bareback sex they have tried.


But if you prefer hard sex with no regrets

You can’t miss the new scenes of My Dirtiest Fantasy. Master AJ is back with more desire to abuse innocent boys and to break their immaculate asses in Russian Anal Whore, Sc. 2 and in The Beginner, Sc. 2.

And if you enjoyed watching Ken Rollins on Staxus and wished to see him in a more extreme enviroment, coming soon on My Dirtiest Fantasy is Hazard Cum Control with him and Alexis Clark in a sensual and tied up situation.

Here’s a sneak peak!


We’ll publish more information about the new scenes and the new boys coming. And don’t forget to check our blog regularly to read our upcoming sexual themes that we’ll write about.

We’re coming back on fire this year!