We’re going to be seeing more of sexy young Angel Lopez in the next few weeks!


When a boy as sexy as Angel Lopez comes along you can be pretty sure that he’s going to be appearing in plenty of videos while he settles in. You know how it goes, a new star gets plenty of appreciation from the fans and for a few weeks, or months, he’s appearing pretty regularly.

This post is more for the guys checking the blog who aren’t yet members of Staxus, the ones looking at sexy Angel and seeing the trailer for his debut with Zac and wondering what’s coming up… well, I can tell you that we’re going to be seeing this boy more than a couple of times in the next few weeks, and in some great pairings too!

Not only is he a focus of the Raw Rodeo series, he’s also going to be making his mark on the Kinky Housemates series too, with one of the real highlights being a threesome with a couple of gorgeous fellow twink stars!

Don’t get your hopes up and think I’m going to be giving away any spoilers for what’s to come just yet, you’ll have to stick around and keep checking the blog as news is released. Rest assured, the videos this boy is appearing in coming up are going to have you all voting them up and commenting approvingly :)