Who is that waiting to fuck new boy Angel Lopez?


So a couple of days ago I shared some pics of gorgeous new fit boy Angel Lopez and let you in on the announcement that he’s just shot some scenes for the Staxus site, at least one involving gorgeous Ray Mannix. I know a lot of you guys are looking forward to seeing that pairing in particular but I just saw this pic of the new boy with another performer, and I think he’s a new arrival too!

He’s another big and buff hunk, and a handsome one. I know absolutely nothing about him, but he seems familiar to me. Is he a boy we’ve been missing on the site for a while? Was he a sexy young twink before and now returned as a muscled dude ready to slam some hole?

If anyone knows the answer to this then please let me know in the comments. There’s definitely something very familiar about that handsome face and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Whoever he is I can’t wait to see him getting his dick out and sharing it with this new gorgeous performer. I don’t know how long we might have to wait for that video to arrive but I’m gonna be the first one on the site hitting that refresh button until it drops lol

Let me know what you guys think, if you know the guy then share some deets in the comments!